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Van Basten was elected FIFA chief technology officer


Fifa Coins announced the former Dutch star Van Basten was elected FIFA chief technology officer, in order to assume this position, Basten has resigned from the Dutch team assistant job. FIFA chief technical officer duties are heavy, including from the football technical and tactical innovation to the referee training and many other links, which is FIFA's new chairman of the Italian reform program is an important measure.

Since retired, Van - Basten has been committed to the coach position, has served as Ajax, Alkmaar and the Netherlands national team coach. Before being hired by FIFA, he is assistant coach to help the Dutch coach Brind. However, he has resigned from the current position, and he is also the second resignation of the Dutch team assistant. Earlier, Edward Carter as coaching Feyenoord, also resigned from the post of assistant.

Van Basten said: "It is an honor to be appointed to this, I will be to maintain the status of football efforts, football should always maintain the status of the world, bring players and fans to endless joy.

Fantino also have high hopes for Van Basten, "he is the best embodiment of the word football, the player he was full of the beauty of football, as coach of his style is also superior.Vast van Basten is not only a legend, it is a Experts, this is the key to his ability to do this job.

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