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FIFA online dropped calls and search optimization


Principle: connecting server through the transit EA authentication server, optimize the line.

Participation threshold:

NAT type is open, the most influential search, but does not affect the dropped.

Use the same LAN computer with the host, test your network with the transit server (ping 100), poor connection (delay is too high / packet loss rate) does not guarantee the use of effects, etc. After a better server bars. (I was in Zhejiang Telecom, 40ms delay packet loss, I heard that China Unicom is also good, the room known as Hong Kong to China Telecom CN2, China Unicom chain)

Participation method: In the host's network settings, manually change the primary DNS, alternate DNS must be left blank.


    Optimize the EA authentication server long connection, to prevent the sudden drop in the process of playing EA lost performance results.
    Optimization search efficiency, non-work time to sleep, can be found within 3 times to people.
    Optimize the online delay problem, search people match the players near Shanghai, China (Asia), with geographical location to reduce the delay.

Negative impact:

The DNS is only optimized for the EA authentication server, the purpose is to Fifa 17 Coins online smooth, but modify the DNS affect the entire host other games, so finished EA or finish FIFA remember to change back to the original DNS or automatically.

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