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FIFA 17 witnessed a stock of God broke out 6 years ball


September 27, the famous football game Fifa 17 Coins will be the first to appear in North America; September 29, FIFA 17 in the global public offering. For fans to follow this game, it will certainly be impressed with Alabama. FIFA 11 from the pawn, to the FIFA 17's big coffee, 7 years witnessed the rapid growth of Alabama. Today, the 24-year-old Austrian sorcerer, is already the highest defender of football worth!

Vienna, Austria from the youth training started, 16-year-old joined Bayern youth academy, Alabama's development all the way downwind. The 2009-10 season, Van Gaal as Bayern coach, has always loved to promote young people Van Gaal, spotted the potential of Alabama, and 17-year-old he included in the Champions League. February 10, 2010, the German Cup 1/4 final Bayern against Felt, Alabar off the bench to the age of 17-year-old 232 days to become the youngest player in the history of Bayern, after the Arab League in the Bundesliga, In the debut, Bayern history team and refresh the history of the youngest player in the European record.

2010 release of football game FIFA 11, to the ability of the value of 72 Arab, the speed of the Austrian teenager, dribbling be recognized; early 2011, Alabama was loaned to Hoffenheim for six months, 17 Bundesliga, Alabama all Starting to play over 90 minutes, as well as 2 goals for the ball. The same summer, Alabama returned to Bayern, with the club until 2015. In Heynckes under the command of the Arabian Arabs continue to grow, firmly occupy the main position.

From FIFA 11 to FIFA 14, Alabar's value rose from 72 to 81, excellent physical fitness, footsteps, back to catching fast, Alabama is like a calf, Bayern's left straight up and down. Guardiola came to Bayern, the Araba to give a new role, midfielder, defender can play, the past by the body and the explosive Austrian Wizards, learn to play with the head and wisdom. From FIFA 15 to FIFA 16, Alabah has a qualitative progress, the value rose from 82 to 85, to FIFA 17, the Arabian Arabahas value reached 87!

According to the authority of the transfer market value of the site estimates, Araba worth 45 million euros, of course, worth estimated and the real difference between the huge transfer fee, Alabama sold only 45 million euros, will lead to looting. Alabama and Boateng, tied for the highest defensive player worthy of football.

And the value of the formation of the game is echoed FIFA, Alabar's estimated worth is also rising in 2011, when joining Hoffenheim, Alabama's worth 200 million euros in January 2012 has risen to 8.5 million euros ; In January 2013 has reached 22 million; in the summer of 2014, rose to 35 million; in July 2015 to 38 million, and now worth up to 45 million.

7 years in a row ball, Alabar's future, will continue to improve? He was 24 years old, through van Gaal, Heynckes, Guardiola tuning, and now usher in the five league coach Carlo Ancelotti. Carlo Ancelotti is the most famous football "to see food under the rice type" coach, Alabama can play left back, defender, midfielder, as well as a long-range effort. 2012-13 season, Champions League Bayern VS Juventus, Alabama opening 25 seconds with long-range penetration Buffon guarded the door. Despite the young, can be very good psychological quality of Alabama, Bayern was the number one penalty.

This summer's European Cup, FIFA ranked 10th in the world of Austria, the top 16 teams missed the bottom, as Austria's number one thigh for five consecutive years, the Austrian Footballer of the Arab League Alabama's own force with no fixed team. In the Austrian team, Alabama played forward, and sometimes also pushed to the striker position. However, the European Cup of the haze, will not affect the position of Alabar in Bayern. With Ancelotti's tune, there is a wave of top teammates, Alabama can continue to grow.

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