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FIFA 17 over the first week sales over 40 times


Although in recent years, "live football" score than the "FIFA" high, but in the sales volume has always been the latter rolling. This year the situation is even worse.


According to Twitter users (Niko Partners, the US market research firm Timber Partners analyst) broke the news, "FIFA 17" sales in the first week in the UK more than 1.1 million units, and "live football 2017" has not even reached 50,000 sets, the former Sales are more than 20 times the latter.


"FIFA 17" and "Live Soccer 2017" as are landing Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and PC. According to previous statistics, "FIFA 17" main sales or Xbox One and PS4 version, PC and old host sales are not many.


"Live Soccer 2017" The reason why so miserable, in addition to the lack of authorization, the last year, Kojima and Konami Konami break and Konami now "notoriety" are probably part of the reason. Of course, there are players ridicule, this is because "live without a journey (FIFA 17 single plot)."


Twitter broke the news that more than 40 times, but this figure has been questioned the following comments, broke the news people explained that the reason is 40 times because of the very low sales of live.

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