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FIFA 17 on behalf of the new platform features introduced


There are still many generations of FIFA fans, EA SPORTS will be the next generation of some of the new features and game modes also brought to Xbox 360 and Play Station 3 platform.

Due to the limitations of the previous generation platform, FIFA 17 new features and game modes compared with the next generation will be different. However, even so, the previous generation of FIFA 17 platform will still have a lot of exciting changes. Such as the new features of the game, the game sound enhancement and the new UT mode array challenge. In addition to career mode in pre-season training and career mode of training to join will make this model more interesting.

The following is the Xbox 360 and Play Station 3 platform Fifa 17 Coins will increase the content:


In this new model, you need to complete the challenges given by the system to win a unique game rewards. Challenge through different levels to verify whether you are an array of people. This mode of constant challenge will become the norm in the FIFA 17, the content of the challenge will be constantly updated.

GAMEPLAY new features

Generation platform will be added SET PIECE REWRITE (free kick) and NEW ATTACKING TECHNIQUES (new offensive technology) two new features. See: FIFA 17 new features introduced.

NEW LEAGUE New leagues

Japan J League and the Brazilian club will appear in the previous generation FIFA 17 in. In addition, the Norwegian Dutch women's national team will also appear.


West Ham United's London Bowl, Middlesbrough's Riverside Stadium and Osaka Gamba's Municipal Blown Field.

Fans of the new cheer slogan will make FIFA 17 stadium atmosphere more shocking, the audience more vivid and dynamic. The new additions are the Icelandic Clap Icelandic Viking War and the Hala Madrid hymn, which are very eye-catching in the European Cup. Another increase in the Spanish club fans cheer slogan.

GAME MODE game mode

The following game modes will appear in FIFA 17 on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 platforms.

    FIFA Ultimate Team including Squad Building Challenges
    Career Mode
    Be a Pro Player
    Be a Pro Goalkeeper
    Tournament Mode
    Women's International Cup
    Online Seasons
    Online Friendlies
    Skill Games
    Play Next Fixture
    Practice Arena

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