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FIFA 17 offensive tactics and offside trap play


FIFA 17 Tactics


Practice: cross key ↑ + cross key ↓, cross key ↓ + cross key ↓, RB key, A key

Description: The cross key press method is for the whole team, while the latter RB key and A key for the player career mode and single control a player to use.

Cross key ↑ + cross key ↓ and RB key belongs to the overall pressure, but not the cross key ↓ + cross key ↓ high closing down, in the overall pressure of the team, the audience will be tightly guarded. High closing down, it is even the front line players will be steals. While a single player holding down the A key can let him on the other side of the ball players to press.

Note: pressure, especially the high pressure, the player's physical exertion caused a great impact, it is recommended to carry out counter-attack in the opponent to carry out high pressure, the overall pressure or a single pressure, if the steals successful, will force Into the no threat zone, you can lift the pressure state.

Offensive tactics

Practice: cross key ↑ + cross key ←, cross key ↑ + cross key →, cross key ↓ + cross key →

Introduction: The main offensive tactics have two wings together, the central defender to participate in the attack, long pass tactics.

The former is actually for 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-2-1 to strengthen the middle of this array to amend, so that the impact of its wings to release the sidewalks, but will weaken the ability to break through the middle and passing ability ; In the latter is for the former field after the attack, by the central defender instigated attack or support attack, this approach will lead to the rear emptiness; the latter is to hold high to play the British style of play, in times of tension, but easy to use Lost the ball.

Attention: most of the offensive tactics are sacrificing a link to strengthen the attack, in order to compensate for the lack of the most needed should choose the means of attack.

For example, note that the other two gates of the weak defense, you can consider the tactical wings fly together, rather than select the central defender to participate in the attack.

Tactical correction must be fast, otherwise the offensive tactics will become your weakness.

Offside trap

Practice: cross key ↑ + cross key ↑

Introduction: Offside trap tactics, the team's defense will be slightly forward, which will lead to rear emptiness.

And then leave a defensive player a little behind, once the other front line without ball players ready to break through the line of defense, the defensive player will move forward, so that the other into the trap offside.

Offside trap is the lowest cost, most effective defense, the success of the opponent fell into the trap offside, you can immediately get the ball right (free kick).

Note: offside traps need to have a very good team, as long as one person will be slow to pull the line of defense, will result in offside trap failure.

If the trap is invalid offside, then the other side of the pass will be completely tearing our defense, leading to the rear emptiness.

You can also manually move the defense forward, you need to quickly cross the direction of the other two goals in the direction of the opponent, and within a limited time so that the front line forward, but for the novice is not recommended.

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